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ZHW-100 Automatic Cartoning Machine

Product Description

ZHW-100 multi-functional automatic cartoning machine is widely applied in pharmaceutical (Alu-PVC,/Alu-Alu/Alu-PVC-Alu) blister sheets, poker and other similar objects cartoning packing. The machine can automatically finish filling packaged  objects, folding leaflet, forming carton, inserting packaged objects and leaflet, print batch No, close carton and finished product output functions.

The machine can be optional ink jet printer, glue machine, bar code reader, etc..


Machine using mechanical pusher, each agencies work coordination, stable and reliable.  

Adopts frequency speed adjust, PLC automatic control, touch screen operation, operation easy and running stable. 

Lack of instructions, lack of blister sheets  ,machine automatically detect and reject .

Automatic servo feeding device.

Steel character embossing. 

Technical parameters
Production Capacity
Main motor power
Compressed air
0.5 Mpa >0.6m3/min
Air consumption
≥ 0.9m3/h
Machine Dimensions
2800×1350×2000 (mm) (L*W*H)
Machine Weight
1500 Kg