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DPP-500P Blister Packing Machine

Product Description

The machine suitable for syringe ,ampoule, vials and bottle ,medical appliances,battery and other  special shape products Alu-PVC packing .

Machine with GMP standard,adopts PLC control system.

Uses the servo motor -driven and the main motor is adopts frequency control

Specially automatic feeder for syringe, ampoule,vial 

Equipped blister forming detection ,feeding detect rejection 

Uses the safety cover protection devices to ensure operator safety.

Technical parameters
Maximum cutting speed: 25 times/min
Maximum production capacity:  150 Edition / min
Maximum molding area and depth: 480×130×35mm
Adjustable range:  standard configuration<=130mm
Power supply: 380V 50HZ (220V, 60Hz)
Total power: 7kw
Overall size: 3600x2300x1700mm(LxWxH)
Overall weight:  2500kg