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DPP-250Z Blister Packing Machine

Product Description

The machine can be widely used for packing tablet, capsule, candy, gum and other solid object Alu-PVC /Alu-Alu blister packing


Machine with GMP and cGMP standard,adopts PLC control system ,servo motor drive control.All components that contact 

with medical are made of high anti-corrosive SS316. 

Main motor uses the frequency speed adjust control.

Independent moulds design makes more easily assemble and disassemble.

Machine each station adjust by figure display control,with a independent pressing station,makes the pressing and embossing more clear. 

Alarm for Alu foil end and PVC film end and broken,with emergency stop safety device.

Uses the safety cover protection devices to ensure operator safety.


1.Photoelectric registration device

2.Pin-hole detection system 

3. Camera vision detection system

4.Inkjet printing system

5.Splice detection

6. Chiller cooling system

Technical parameters
Maximum Working capacity
Al/PVC:200 blisters/min
Stroke ≤130mm(according to customer's request)
Maximum forming area 245x130mm
Packing Materials

PVC:260x0.25(0.15-0.5)mm PTP:260x0.02mm

Power supply 380V or 220V(choose by client)
Total power 5.7Kw
Dimension of machine 4200mm×650mm×1700mm(LxWxH)
Weight: 2000kg