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GKC 800 Vials Blister Packing And Cartoning Automatic Packaging Line (Horizontal Loading)

Product Description

Vials blister packing and cartoning automatic packaging line are complied with national standards. We can provide products according to your special needs. It is suitable for various types of oral liquid, vials, ampoules, injection and so on.

Excellent operating performance and high product output

Use high efficiency robot in feeding system 

Modular design of the mold with quick change function

Structure distribution is served the human body engineezzring and friendly interface

Prefect smooth surface of the machine which can be easy cleaned

Technical parameters
Max Output :

≤180 box/min    ≤800 bottles/min 

Max Forming area and depth: 480x160x35mm
Leaflet size  (100-200)x(100-150)mm
Carton material:  250-350g/m2
Carton size: (70-200)x(20-100)x(14-80)mm
Leaflet material:
Air compressor 0.6-0.8/Mpa≥0.8m3/min
Power 380V 50Hz 16Kw
weight 7500Kg